Environment for us : my little initiative to save it.

Every body knows that environment conservation is must . Every body knows that we should save energy or electricity. Every one knows that we shouldn’t waste water or cut the tress. Knowing is not enough , brought these in your behaviour.

In my neighbourhood , I hear a woman saying, water will not save, by saving only by me. How much wrong she was? This thinking that ” nothing will happen by doing me when people are doing wastage on huge level . We should not hope to others doing good for us or environment also. We should be the change that we want to see in the world. It is not necessary that every body is wasting water , i also do like those. Then what is the difference between them and you. I should save water. I should do sustainable use of water. After some days people will observe you, they will take a lesson from you, and yes, follow you. I also did like that. I am going to share my little initiative to save water . How every body in my neighbourhood started do that also.

One day I was standing in the balcony , enjoying the view of rain. Then i watched balcony was full with water , I don’t know what happened, from where water came there, that was not rain’s water. After checking, I come to know that something had been choked the pipe of balcony, and that was the water coming from the air conditioner. I didn’t notice before ,that these air conditioners produce , so much water in a day, because the water passed through the pipe. But after chocking pipe I had come to know about it . I have four air conditioners in my home . I put a bucket beneath of these. The most surprising thing is this, one air conditioner produces 2 and half buckets of water . In my home four air conditioners produces 10 buckets of water. We don’t throw that water but use it in our daily work like , washing floor and bathrooms of the house. Washing scooter , bike and car also. We store it . We don’t use it in other use , it can be harmful. So after some days every body in my neighbourhood, started put a bucket beneath the water of air conditioners. Thus they stored water and used it to wash floor and courtyard of their house and many cleaning activities those can be performed by this water. Thus we don’t use fresh water for such activities. Thus we have saved a big part of fresh water that we had used. Bravo!!!

Plastic pollution.

Plastic pollution is an emerging danger for earth specially for animals.

I watched some useful pictures those can be helpful to reuse this plastic. It never decomposes. So let’s look how we can use plastic bottles of cold drinks.

You all have listened about GRETA THUNBERG . she is not an environmentalist or activist. But she feels pain when human exploit nature so berserkly. We have to ignite a another thunberg in ourselves, so that we can do something for our earth or environment.


The use and production of plastic both are hazardous for creatures of the earth. When the plastic is made , many harmful gases are produced. These gases are very harmful for birds and every creature. Birds on huge level has been extinct due to urbanisation.

If there are no jungles or trees then no birds also.

After lockdown, chirping of birds has been started again. i am glad that parrots and sparrows come there , back my house , and sings beautifully. A nightingale sings everyday at evening.

In this dangerous hot ( summer) don’t forget to put seeds of grain, water for birds.

A tin tub used for bird’s peck or water.

Be safe and keep your around and environment safe. Be happy , Be clean.

Thanks for reading. 🙏🙏

73 thoughts on “Environment for us : my little initiative to save it.

  1. Great use of plastic bottles instead of polluting, interesting fact about the air conditioner and a great initiative you did. Well said, change start with one person and there’s nothing too small, any action towards conservation is a big step in the attainment of it.

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  2. Dear dolly,

    Glad to see that you are the change you want to see in others.

    You have so nicely engineered a bird feed from tim box. Hats off to you.

    I would like you to add an image of birds eating the feed or sipping water from your tin design.

    Glad to see you have a love for birds.

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  3. First, thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Plastic – I like how it’s becoming clothing.
    Or far dearer to my heart,

    As to water conservation, I guess I’m not a stranger to xeriscaping, understanding even a modern flush toilets @ 3.5 gallons water per flush or 14 liters isn’t 7 liters and that’s six other people like me’s drinking water or mine a WEEK. Not to mention every younger male’s har har line of let’s save the earth! And shower together.

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    1. Thanks, Jones for sharing such links,I am very glad to know that plastic can be turn in yarns to make clothes. Adidas and ocean both are doing good job. My pleasure to visit your site. That is an amazing place with really genuine posts. ✌🤗

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  4. Hi there! Thank you for sharing your experience! Really good idea to use the water that comes from air-conditioner! Gives me ideas as well!
    And yes, we should be an example and make a change!
    Thank you for sharing once again! 🙌

    Liked by 1 person

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